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Python 2.6.4

Release Date: Oct. 26, 2009

Python 2.6.4 was a critical bug fix for Python 2.6.3, which had regressions in the logging package and in setuptools compatibility. Python 2.6.4 was released on 25-Oct-2009.

Python 2.6 is now in bugfix-only mode; no new features are being added. The NEWS file lists every change in each alpha, beta, and release candidate of Python 2.6.

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This is a release candidate; we currently support these formats:

MD5 checksums and sizes of the released files:

17dcac33e4f3adb69a57c2607b6de246  13322131  Python-2.6.4.tgz
fee5408634a54e721a93531aba37f8c1  11249486  Python-2.6.4.tar.bz2
d6c51dfa162bbecc22cfcf11544243f7  15223296  python-2.6.4.amd64.msi
2e2b60ae73e9e99cd343a3fe9ed6e770  14890496  python-2.6.4.msi
252c4d06cb84132c42d00fae93ee8ceb  20347856  python-2.6.4_macosx10.3.dmg

The signatures for the source tarballs above were generated with GnuPG using release manager Barry Warsaw's public key which has a key id of A74B06BF. The Windows installers were signed by Martin von Löwis' public key which has a key id of 7D9DC8D2. The Mac disk image was signed by Ronald Oussoren's public key which has a key id of E6DF025C.


The documentation has also been updated. You can browse the HTML on-line or download the HTML.

[1]The binaries for AMD64 will also work on processors that implement the Intel 64 architecture (formerly EM64T), i.e. the architecture that Microsoft calls x64, and AMD called x86-64 before calling it AMD64. They will not work on Intel Itanium Processors (formerly IA-64).

Full Changelog


Version Operating System Description MD5 Sum File Size GPG
Gzipped source tarball Source release 97b09eab5d1bca5c1e7fb76b00fc9ba0 55.2 MB SIG
bzip2 compressed source tarball Source release fee5408634a54e721a93531aba37f8c1 10.7 MB SIG
Mac OS X installer macOS 252c4d06cb84132c42d00fae93ee8ceb 19.4 MB SIG
Windows x86 MSI installer Windows 2e2b60ae73e9e99cd343a3fe9ed6e770 14.2 MB SIG
Windows x86-64 MSI installer Windows for AMD64/EM64T/x64 d6c51dfa162bbecc22cfcf11544243f7 14.5 MB SIG