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Senior Python Developer
Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait

Job Title

Senior Python Developer

Job Description

I have a big project on Audio Processing, already at an advanced stage, writting in Python. Need a Python developer who can read and develop the programs. I manage the project, and understand much of the programs. Its a lot of work with databases in SQL, wave functions, Machine learning, Matching text and Audio, speech synthesis. The program matches audio files with text and creates phonemes for speech synthesis. The project is supposed to go online on a website when finished.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


Python developer who can read other peoples codes, and develop the programs further according to the needs of the project. Work will be with text tools, sound tools, and in general Audio Processing methods…

About the Company

Based in Kuwait. In the first stage I need to hire online to make sure the project is understood and can be handled by the job seeker. If all goes fine, then we can arrange relocating to Kuwait…

Contact Info

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