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MacPython 2.2.1

<h1>MacPython 2.2.1</h1>

<p>Made available by Jack Jansen.

<p>All files are also available from Jack's <a href="">MacPython page</a>, which you should visit anyway (even if you get the files from here).

<p>You should probably read the <a href="../macnews.txt">Macintosh specific release notes</a> as well as the <a href="../NEWS.txt">general ones<a/>.

<h3>Files, <a href="../">MD5</a> checksums and sizes</h3>


<b>Binary Installers - MacPython installer for Mac OS 8, 9, X</b>

5a7d56c1344b9db6e771d2b36e5c311a <a href="/ftp/python/2.2.1/MacPython221full.bin">MacPython221full.bin</a> (9919488 bytes) b7ae6ef91b6e8aac2965c8a42e6bd7ac <a href="/ftp/python/2.2.1/MacPython221full.hqx">MacPython221full.hqx</a> (13496114 bytes)
<b>Source Installers - MacPython source code and CodeWarrior projects</b>
Note that the normal installer contains everything you need if you only want to develop Python extensions.

15f00793c20a5f0aae19dc97eddbec4a <a href="/ftp/python/2.2.1/MacPython221src.sit">MacPython221src.sit</a> (6831903 bytes) afad610226bd7367eb75eb83c23a1a9e <a href="/ftp/python/2.2.1/MacPython221src.hqx">MacPython221src.hqx</a> (9192728 bytes)

<b>MacOS 8.1 patch - Patch allowing the IDE to be used on MacOS 8.1</b>
(not needed on later systems)

7c054dd01973ec0ac28a96ce5bcf9b9d <a href="/ftp/python/2.2.1/MacPython221MacOS81patch.sit">MacPython221MacOS81patch.sit</a> (136134 bytes) 26cc641b08d3c843f377b20f3644b1ed <a href="/ftp/python/2.2.1/MacPython221MacOS81patch.hqx">MacPython221MacOS81patch.hqx</a> (184240 bytes)

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