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SIG for Python Resource Cataloguing

SIG for Python Resource Cataloguing

This SIG was created to discuss and build a catalog of Python resources. The SIG charter was:

The Python Catalog SIG aims at producing a master index of Python software and other resources. It will begin by figuring out what the requirements are, converging on a design for the data schema, and producing an implementation. ("Implementation" will almost certainly include mean a set of CGI scripts for browsing the catalog, and may also contain a standard library module for automatically fetching and installing modules, if the SIG decides that's a worthwhile feature.)

The catalog became the Python Package Index. Because developing the catalog is closely intertwined with the Distutils and other packaging tools, the Catalog-SIG was closed in March 2013 and merged with the Distutils SIG.

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Current Status

As of February 2003, the Python Package Index is operational and available at The list of indexed packages is still quite small; please add your packages!

Some relevant PEPs have been written: