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Retired SIGS

These are SIGs that existed in the past but are no longer active. Their archives and home pages are retained. A retired SIG can be revived, using the same criteria as for creating a new SIG.

Name Coordinator Description Info  
catalog-sig A.M. Kuchling The Python software catalog archive March 2013
compiler-sig Jeremy Hylton Compiling and parsing Python Type checking, code generation archive May 2001
do-sig David Arnold Distributed Object Technologies archive August 2002
getopt-sig Greg Ward Argument parsing SIG archive February 2003
parser-sig A.M. Kuchling Parsing archive February 2003
persistence-sig Jeremy Hylton Persistence Framework for Python archive September 2003
plot-sig David Ascher Plotting and Graphing archive May 2001
thread-sig Greg Stein Process Threading archive May 2001
types-sig Paul Prescod Static Typing Design archive August 2002
string-sig Robin Friedrich String Processing archive March 2001
matrix-sig Paul Dubois Numerical Python archive January 2000
gui-sig Jim Fulton Graphical User Interface archive January 1999
objc-sig Jeff Sickel Objective-C viz Python archive January 1999
locator-sig Paul Everitt Python Resource Tracking (Software, docs, projects...). See the catalog-sig for a successor. archive January 1998
pattern-sig Dinu Gherman Idioms, Patterns, and Frameworks archive January 1998
progenv-sig Ken Manheimer Programming Environment archive January 1998
pythonwin-sig Mark Hammond Win95/NT GUI version of Python archive June 1997
uls-sig Duncan McGreggor Ultra Large-Scale systems and how such systems relate to Python. no archive available ...