SIG for XML Processing in Python

<H3>SIG for XML Processing in Python</H3>

<P>This list has been created to provide a forum for discussion and implementation of tools to make Python an excellent choice for XML processing.

<h3>Mission Statement</h3>

<P>XML is the <A href="">Extensible Markup Language</A>, a standard defined by the <a href="">World Wide Web Consortium</a>. Originally developed as a standard to enable the interchange of structured data, XML has expanded to encompass databases, distributed computing, and so on. The <a href="">XML Topic Guide</a>, maintained by the XML SIG, contains links to documentation, source, and so on.

<P>While Python includes basic XML processing capabilities, the goal of this SIG is to make Python become <em>the</em> premier language for XML processing. The SIG, through the <A HREF="">mailing list</a> and the <A HREF="">PyXML</a> project hosted on <a href="">SourceForge</a>, is helping to decide what software is required for this purpose, and coordinate its implementation and documentation.

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