Python Distutils-SIG: Documentation

<h1>Python Distutils-SIG: Documentation</h1>

<h2>User Documents</h2>

<p> Two documents have been written to cover the Distutils, and are part of Python's standard documentation set: <ul>

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<li><cite><a href=""
>Installing Python Modules</a></cite> <p> This is for end-users, system administrators, and Python programmers who need to install third-party modules to their existing Python installation. It focusses on using the Distutils, but also covers older ways of installing Python modules and extensions. </p>
<li><cite><a href=""
>Distributing Python Modules</a></cite> <p> This is for module and extension developers who want to share their efforts with the world using the Distutils. It covers writing the setup script and using it to create a source distribution and "built" (binary) distributions (thus, it's also useful for packagers -- people turning other developer's source distributions into built distributions for a particular platform). </p>

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</ul> </p>

<h2>Planning, Requirements, and Design Documents</h2>

<p>The Distutils did not spring magically into existence one day; a considerable amount of forethought was required, and some of it was even written down. In roughly chronological order: <ul>

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<li><a href="ipc7_devday/">summary of the Developer's Day
session</a> at IPC7 (the Seventh International Python Conference, November 1998)

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<li><a href="requirements/">requirements overview</a> <li><a href="tasks/">tasks and roles</a> involved in

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the Distutils

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<li><a href="interface/">proposed user interface</a>--mainly
of historical interest now that the code exists and is documented in <cite><a href="" >Installing Python Modules</a></cite>, but I can never throw anything away
<li><a href="design/">proposed design</a>--also mainly of
historical interest; superseded by the IPC8 paper (below) and, of course, the actual code

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</ul> </p>

<h2>IPC8 Paper/Presentation</h2>

<p>A the Eighth International Python Conference (January 2000), I gave a talk on the Distutils and published a paper in the conference proceedings. The paper is available as: <ul>

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<li><a href="/files/sigs/ipc8_paper.html">HTML</a> <li><a href="/files/sigs/ipc8_paper.pdf.gz">compressed PDF</a> <li><a href="/files/sigs/">compressed PostScript</a>

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</ul> I updated the paper a bit and submitted it to the <a href="">Software Carpentry</a> competition; you might want to read the <a href="/files/sigs/sc_submission.html">updated version of the paper</a> instead. </p>

<p>You can also download the slides from my presentation. I haven't figured out how to get Applixware to generate HTML from the slides (grumble), so for now you can download the slides for: <ul>

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<li><a href="/files/sigs/">Applix Presents</a> (compressed) <li><a href="/files/sigs/ipc8_talk.ppt.gz">Microsoft PowerPoint</a> (compressed)

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