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Python Special Interest Groups - Coordinator Resource Guide

Each PSA SIG </community/sigs> coordinator has at their disposal:

  • A Mailman mailing list
  • A SIG Web directory, situated in </community/sigs/>

These resources are available on, under the name of the SIG. The SIG coordinator has remote control of them, with email and web-mediated administrative authority of the mailing list. Currently, SIG coordinators do not have direct access to their SIG pages on the web site, but this can be arranged if necessary.

Mailman controls

Using the SIG password, the coordinator can administer most attributes of the sig mailing list, including the membership. To change list options, visit:

To change a subscriber's options, visit the listinfo page for the sig:

and click on "View Subscriber List" or enter the user's address to go to the options page for the user. You can then use the list administrator's password to authorize option changes or unsubscribe the user.

Finally, the list administrative database is at:

contains the current set of requests, if any, pending administrative judgment and decision.

Please send suggestions and questions to <>.