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A BBC micro:bit comic


  • MicroPython is the version of Python that runs on the BBC micro:bit. It's a full reimplementation of Python 3 created by Damien George.
  • The source code for the BBC micro:bit port is open source, so you can contribute. Our youngest contributor so far was 11 years old.
  • There is comprehensive documentation for both developers and teachers.
  • In addition to the Python editor built into the official website, there is a native editor called Mu (that works on Windows, OSX, Linux and Raspberry Pi). There is also an editor for ChromeOS.
  • Various cross-platform command-line tools have been created for MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit. The uFlash utility makes it easy to flash the BBC micro:bit with Python scripts and microrepl simplifies connecting to Python running on the device.
  • To create comics like the one at the top of this page (they're great for educational resources) try out our Python comic generator.
  • We've also created a BBC micro:bit simulator to mocking up the outputs from a device. Also very good for use in educational resources.


  • During development, we sent some of the devices on a World Tour. Check out their travelogues for lots of cool projects and ideas.
  • There was a mailing list for discussion of MicroPython on the BBC micro:bit that is archived here.
  • micro:bit's community page links to their newsletter and chat room.
  • Finally, our friends at Computing at School have a wide range of teacher created resources and community events to get involved with and PyCon UK has had a flourishing education and kids track since 2012.