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comp.lang.python.announce Posting Guidelines


The comp.lang.python.announce newsgroup (or for short) has been created in early 1998 as a companion newsgroup for comp.lang.python focused on Python-related announcements. The newsgroup charter is as follows:

comp.lang.python.announce is a moderated, low-volume newsgroup for announcements regarding the Python programming language, including:

  • new releases of the core distribution and contributed software
  • events (user group meetings, conferences, training, etc.)
  • periodic postings (FAQs)
  • other items of general interest to the Python community

This is not a discussion group. Posts are expected to have Followup-To: headers set to "poster" or an appropriate newsgroup; posts that omit this header will have a Followup-To: comp.lang.python inserted by the moderator.

comp.lang.python.announce posting guidelines

In addition to honoring the charter (see above), you are asked to consider the following things when submitting announcements for comp.lang.python.announce:

  1. It is often very helpful to INCLUDE SOME BACKGROUND INFORMATION if you are announcing a very specialized package or event. Submissions will be rejected by the moderators if a casual reader cannot understand the utility or context of your announcement.

  2. INCLUDE A URL (web address) for your announcement. Hint: a "real" web page often looks better than a mere FTP address and offers more possibilites to present your package "at a glance".

  3. GIVE YOUR PACKAGE A VERSION NUMBER. If you give your package a version number from the start, it will be easier to identify different releases in the future. Even "small" packages should have version numbers.

  4. Clarify the LICENSE that you release your package under. If you want to release something as free software, you might want to have a look at the "Open Source Definition", and pick one of the licenses mentioned there under "Example Licenses".

  5. You should INCLUDE YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS in the body text of your posting or in the trailing .signature block. Please do not sign your announcement with PGP; most people would not know your public PGP key anyway and would get a warning message.

  6. Avoid excessive cross-posting. Messages that are cross-posted to several moderated news groups will usually be approved by the moderator of the first group in the list.

  7. To make it easier to include your announcement on's front page, please include 2-3 lines of HTML code at the very end of your submission, using the following template:

    <P><A HREF="">PackageName 1.0</A> - short

    description of not more than one sentence. (DD-Mon-YY)

    You may only include one link, which should point to a web page with more info about your package (cf 2. above). The date should be in parentheses, formatted as shown, e.g. 29-Jul-98.

  8. Format your posting so that all lines are at most 78 characters wide. (Exception: Internet resource addresses (cf. 7. above) should not be line-wrapped, if possible.)