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PEP 8011 -- The Council Governance Model

Title:The Council Governance Model
Author:Barry Warsaw <barry at>



This is just a placeholder until the actual governance PEPs are written. It is possible that the title, content, model proposed, and authorship will change once the PEP is actually written.


This PEP proposes a new model of Python governance based on a Council of Pythonistas (COP) tasked with making final decisions for the language. It differs from PEP 8010 by specifically not proposing a central singular leader. It describes the size and role of the council, how the initial group of council members will be chosen, any term limits of the council members, and how successors will be elected.

This PEP does not name the council members. Should this model be adopted, it will be codified in PEP 13 along with the names of all officeholders described in this PEP.