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PEP 8010 -- The BDFL Governance Model

Title:The BDFL Governance Model
Author:Barry Warsaw <barry at>



This is just a placeholder until the actual governance PEPs are written. It is possible that the title, content, model proposed, and authorship will change once the PEP is actually written.


This PEP proposes a continuation of the Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) model of Python governance. While currently a placeholder, it will describe such processes as how the Guido+1 BDFL will be selected, how future successors will be chosen, the role of the BDFL, and the role and size of any advisory council.

This PEP does not name a new BDFL. Should this model be adopted, it will be codified in PEP 13 along with the names of all officeholders described in this PEP.