Jeremy Hylton : weblog : 2004-08-07

Python Bug Day

Saturday, August 07, 2004

I made some Pyth checkins today. The first in months. Today was the third Python bug day, organized by Andrew Kuchling. I fixed a couple of outstanding httplib problems -- only one is really a bug -- and a urllib2 problem that Andrew Sawyers discovered several months ago.

I haven't made much of a contribution to Python in the last few months. It's been quite busy getting up to speed at work and getting using to the long commute into New York City. I've been meaning to install Visual Studio on my laptop so that I can do some Python hacking on the bus, but haven't found the time. (And I spend too much time sleeping on thus bus.)

At any rate, it's nice to be doing Python development again, and it's nice to be posting to my weblog.