Jeremy Hylton : weblog : 2003-11-18

A Small Collection of XML Links

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

A handful of articles about XML processing in Python.

The State of Python-XML Art, 2003 by Uche Ogbuji.
A useful collection of links and brief summaries for XML parsers, DOM binding, other data bindings, and lots of other stuff.
Elements and Element Trees by Fredrik Lundh.
An XML binding with slightly more structure: Nodes have tag and text attributes and act as container for sub-elements. Includes some XPath support.
TRAMP: Makes RDF look like Python data structures by Aaron Swartz
A tiny binding tool that makes XML data look like dictionaries. I'd prefer to use attribute access than dictionary lookup, but I like the simplicity of this approach.
Using SAX for Proper XML Output by Uche Ogbuji
This article explains how to use the XMLGenerator in the xml.sax.saxutils module to generate XML while following all the rules.
Three More For XML Output by Uche Ogbuji
Another article by Ogbuji with more options from generating XML output. It's not clear what the best choice is.
The Atom API by Mark Pilgrim
An early look at the evolving Atom API. Provides some insight into the origins of Atom, but engages in some REST vs RPC debate.