Jeremy Hylton : weblog : 2003-11-04

Python Software for Weblogs

Tuesday, November 04, 2003, 11:30 p.m.

Weblog software draws on an interesting mix of technologies -- web client and server, XML processing, database or text indexing. I'm collecting a list of Python projects in this space.

bzero by Phillip Pearson
bzero is a blogging tool written entirely in Python, with the philosophy that using the system (OS / language) to do as much of the work for us as possible is a Good Thing:
  • Posts are stored in separate files in the filesystem, so they can be edited using your favourite editor.
  • Templates are just bits of Python code (a la CGI), which are executed by the 'renderer'.
    Python Desktop Server by George Bauer
    It's like Radio Userland, but written in Python. "A database with a webserver on top of it." (Sounds like Zope.) There are several essential applications include a weblog construciton kit and a news aggregator. There are interfaces via XML-RPC and SOAP.
    pyblosxom by Wari Wahab
    Pyblosxom is a weblog engine that uses standard text files located on your filesystem as a database of weblog entries. The concept is simple, managing content is as easy as editing a text file with your favourite text editor.
    Syncato by Kimbro Staken
    A weblog system that uses Sleepycat Berkeley DB XML. Some features, like categories and rss feeds, are implemented with XPath and XSLT.
    NewsBruiser by Leonard Richardson
    Another weblog system. A quick review of its web pages didn't identify some unique feature, but looks solid.
    Effnews an RSS Newsreader by the award-winning Fredrik Lundh
    Effnews is an aggregator. Fredrik wrote a nice set of articles describing it.
    Peerkat by Rael Dornfest
    "a personal syndicated data aggregator living on your computer desktop." Looks like it hasn't been updated in a couple of years.
    Ultra liberal feed parser by Mark Pilgrim
    Lots of other projects seem to use this as a tool for handling RSS in their own applications.
    Logme by Matt May
    A script that generates blog content entirely on the client side using Python and XSLT.
    COREblog by Atsushi Shibata (Japanese link)
    COREblog is a Zope Blog/Weblog/Web Nikki Product. Features include entries, comments, categories, and trackback. Since it's Zope, you can managed object with the ZMI and use skins.
    SimpleBlog from the CMF Collective
    SimpleBlog is an easy to use Plone based weblog application. It has no fancy rss/backlink stuff and you can't use external editors but it supports categories. Writing entries is done from inside Plone.
    Straw by Juri Pakaste
    Straw is a desktop news aggregator for the GNOME environment. Its aim is to be a faster, easier and more accessible way to read news and blogs than the traditional browser.
  • That's enough for now. The list is probably incomplete, but I've collected enough to keep my busy for a while.