Jeremy Hylton : weblog : 2003-09-29 powered by Zope

Monday, September 29, 2003 launched its new site a few weeks ago, and announced it in a press release today. The bottom of the press release mentions Zope:

Simultaneous with the redesign was the implementation of a new content management system built using the Zope4Media open-source solution from Zope Corporation. The open-source platform will enable's producers to integrate static and dynamic content from many different sources, test interactive tools, and roll out new section designs.

There is not a lot of information about Zope4Media on Zope Corp's web site. (Actually, there is information, but it's trapped in a PDF file. The PDF of Zope4Media has details.

There are print and broadcast versions of Z4M. The print version is used by The broadcast version is used by Viacom local television and radio stations.