Jeremy Hylton : weblog : 2003-06-20

"Your blog software sucks"

Friday, June 20, 2003

Barry said that today, and I have to agree. I settled on BlogMax because I couldn't find much blog software that just produced static pages. It seemed valuable to have the software integrated with XEmacs, since that's what I use to write it anyway.

I had to write my own RSS feed generation, because the one with Blogmax doesn't even come close to working. What I'm left with is the template system and the emacs key bindings to generate HTML from my simple text input files. Even the input format is a bit lame: The title needs to be put in an HTML comment, and any inline markup needs to be done in HTML. I'd rather use reST or plain text.

The software has a one-entry, one-day model. It seems to be hard to add multiple entries on the same day, but with different timestamps. One consequence of that software limitation is that I don't write short entries. If I'd write a short entry, I'd use up the whole day's worth of material.