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I live in the Mt. Vernon section of Baltimore. It's a good neighborhood with lots to do within easy walking distance -- lots of bars and restaurants, the Charles Theater, Walters Art Gallery, and Penn Station.

My wife, Tara Gilligan, is a graduate student in philosophy department at Johns Hopkins. We play on the philosophy department softball team, Occam's Razorbacks.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, north and west of Allentown. We lived in the town of Wanamakers, which happens to be mentioned at a Web site about cast and wrought iron bridges. The bridge is closed to car traffic, but I've walked a bicycle across it many times.

My father, Bill Hylton, writes woodworking books. My uncle, Tom Hylton, writes about land use and communities.

I studied computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I graduated in 1996 with a S.B. and M.Eng. in computer science and engineering and a minor in literature. I also studied English at Harvard University and English and philosophy at University College Dublin.

I worked at The Tech, MIT's oldest and largest newspaper. I served as chairman, editor in chief, and managing editor. I am currently a member of the advisory board.

The early 90s saw a number of big changes at the paper that I was lucky to be involved in. We replaced the Atex editorial system and Compugraphic type setters with Macintoshes running Quark XPress and the Quark Publishing System. Josh Hartmann, Reuven Lerner, and I set up The Tech's first Web server using a 20-line Perl-based HTTP server written by Mitchell Charity. We published the first issue online in May 1993.