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Pictures from the 1998 Python Conference in Houston

Here's my photo album from the conference. If you were there, reminisce. If you weren't, see what you missed, and put faces to some famous names. In any case, enjoy! (Click on any picture to enlarge it.)
--Guido van Rossum

Note: I haven't identified some people. If you can provide a name for any of the question marks below, I'd be grateful!

(There are other, more verbal, reports of the conference, such as Andrew Kuchling's diary, and Uche Ogbuji's report - with pictures! - for the Python journal.)

On our way to the conference, a plane got cancelled and Jim Hugunin and I were stuck at Cincinnati airport for 8 hours. Here's how Jim passed the time:

Jim Hugunin

Jim Hugunin

The first big social event was a big hit: a poolside reception (alas, it was way too chilly to push someone in):

Paul Dubois, Jeremy Hylton

Julie Kirchoff

Paul Prescod, Andrew Kuchling, Sean Mc Grath

Al Vezza, Roger Masse

Mark Hammond

Paul Everitt, Charlie Fly, Jonathan Riehl

Mark Hammond, Just van Rossum

Andrew Kuchling's forehead, Roger Burnham, Jim Hugunin, Greg Ward, Barry Warsaw, Charles Waldman, Jeremy Hylton, Dave Mitchell's ear
(There may be a few "You Need Python" T-shirts left in sizes L and M; Julie Kirchoff will sell them for $10 + S&H.)

The demonstation session was another great opportunity to mingle. Lots of cool stuff!

Fredrik Lundh

Frank Stajano

Jeff Bauer, Audun Runde

Sjoerd Mullender, Jeffrey Kunce

Jonathan Riehl

Andrew Dalke

Ryan Hughes

Andrew Kuchling

Just van Rossum

Eric Raymond

Paul Everitt

David Beazley, Charlie Fly

Roger Burnham, Jeff Bauer, Ken Manheimer

Hubert Hoegl

Jason Asbahr

Jeff Bauer

Jim Hugunin

Barry Warsaw


Andrew Reutter

Julie Kirchoff, Roger Masse

Greg Ward

Jeremy Hylton, Greg Stein

Frank Willison, Hubert Hoegl

Gordon McMillan

Jean-Claude Wippler

Håkan Karlsson, Fredrik Lundh, Tommy Burnette

Mauro Cicognini, David Ascher, Paul Prescod

Some shots from people giving presentations on the second day of papers:

David Beazley

David Beazley

Roger Masse

Jeremy Hylton


Ivan van Laningham

That night, we went out for Mexican food; a good time was had by all:

Roger Masse, Mark Hammond, Julie Kirchoff, Tegwyn Perkins

Jim Fulton (from back), Jeremy Hylton (opposite)

Fredrik Lundh, Greg Stein, Ryan Hughes (from back); Jonathan Riehl, Charlie Fly, me, Eric Raymond (opposite)


Jim Fulton, ?, Jeremy Hylton, Skip Montanaro

Greg Stein, Dave Mitchell

Just van Rossum

Julie Kirchoff, me

Finally, a few shots from developers' day:

Jim Fulton

Roger Masse

Andrew Kuchling

Barry Warsaw