• Interact with product and service teams to identify questions and issues for data analysis and experiments

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    Datascience Engineer
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

    Job Title

    Datascience Engineer

    Job Description

    As a data science engineer you are responsible for,

    1. Interact with product and service teams to identify questions and issues for data analysis and experiments
    2. Develop and code software programs, algorithms, and automated processes to cleanse, integrate and evaluate large datasets from multiple disparate sources
    3. Identify meaningful insights from large data and metadata sources
    4. Interpret and communicate insights and findings from analysis and experiments to external and internal product, service, and business managers
    5. Understand the business needs, suggest, and try innovative ideas to address them
    6. Utilise cutting-edge techniques in the field of data analytics
    7. Keep DPDZero products future ready and enhance its leadership position by solving emerging challenges in the FinTech platform


    • No telecommuting
    • No Agencies Please


    1. Engineering degree in CS or related fields
    2. Track record with solid data science experience
    3. Personal projects showcase
    4. Ability to learn a new domain
    5. Communication skills
    6. Presentation skills

    About the Company

    We, at DPDzero, are building end to end collections suite. The current collections eco-system is working in a disconnected manner and the focus is on the lending business as the growth depends on it. Collections are one of the core processes of any lending business where our goal is to manage the entire collections process with data-driven real-time insights, automation, and zero integration efforts.

    The dream of every lender is to reach DPDzero (this is a collection of industry-standard terminology) and we are building the most innovative and intelligent system that helps achieve this goal. Lenders of all sizes can now get full visibility into their borrower portfolio and start making data-driven decisions to automate their collections.

    Contact Info

    Previous Back-End Engineer, Publisher Discovery in Remote (within UK only), UK (only) Next Environmental Informatics Scientific Software Engineer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN, United States