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Experienced Python Developer New
Prague, Czech Republic

Job Title

Experienced Python Developer

Job Description

We use state-of-art AI plus intuitive UI to eliminate useless paperwork and make the whole world go faster.

The following is how we believe this particular Python job is unique.

  • Being able to implement solutions end-to-end. Working on the whole project (not only on the sub-module)
  • Involved in both design and development (not just another brick in the wall)
  • Working in a team (at any given time either you learn from someone, or someone learns from you)
  • While working on a diverse range of projects, and solving different problems of various customers, you are still extending/integrating a single product, in which you are the expert


Rossum is a Python company (not uncommon for an AI startup). We use Python to train our AI models, actual data processing, and all back-end APIs. However, in Global Services we have many smaller codebases, so we are in the best position to experiment with different technologies. Still, these are our common choices:

  • Most of our services are written in Flask.
  • We have a few projects in Javascript too
  • We use PostgreSQL as our database of choice.
  • All our services are deployed in Kubernetes clusters, currently in AWS. (But we avoid relying on the AWS ecosystem too much.)
  • Our deployments and releases are 98% based on GitOps, with infrastructure defined as code and managed by GitLab-based CI+CD pipelines.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


We are all geeks and hackers who like to engineer beautiful systems, all the way to Rossum’s CEO. You will fit right in if:

  • You can develop REST services end-to-end
  • You are a Python-first developer with a working knowledge of SQL and database-related technologies. Knowledge of JavaScript is a plus
  • You have experience with some of the following tools: Docker, CIs, kubectl, linters, testing frameworks, etc.,
  • You are happy to help less experienced people and to learn from more experienced ones.
  • You are honest and bullshit-free. You base your opinions on data, but don’t cling to it in the face of good arguments.

About the Company

Rossum (the name comes from Czech writer Karel Čapek’s play “Rossum’s Universal Robots”) is capable of extracting data (from documents) six times faster than the human rate. Last year alone it managed to save companies across a number of sectors over one billion keystrokes, the equivalent of 150 years of human labor. Today, the company automates document communication for customers on five continents and a client roster that includes Siemens, Bosch, Cushman & Wakefield, Veolia, and, here in the Czech Republic, Alza, Kofola, and Mattoni.

After tripling our revenue in 2020 and securing Eastern Europe’s largest-ever Series A funding of $100M in 2021 , we plan to further expand our market share and invest heavily across our Go-to-market teams & our research and development backbone.

Our product is number #1 in its category.

Learn more about Rossum on, Forbes & TechCrunch.

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