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Senior Software Engineer, ML Ops New
Matterworks, Inc.
Boston, MA, USA

Job Title

Senior Software Engineer, ML Ops

Job Description

We are seeking a software engineer who will bring our core machine learning models to life in our microservices-based cloud platform. An integral member of our software team, you will also collaborate closely with our AI/ML researchers to operationalize models. You will bring your experience with large-scale computing, security, model optimization, monitoring, and continuous integration and deployment to provide our customers with a seamless experience.

This is a unique opportunity to advance the AI/ML technology at the core of our first-of-its-kind platform, and to contribute to the development of our digital metabolomics products from the ground up. Working closely with our multidisciplinary product development team, you will grow your technical expertise and leadership, and play a key role in delivering an innovative platform that will advance scientific research and discovery.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build and manage infrastructure and tooling to optimize, deploy, monitor, and fine-tune deep learning models on AWS.
  • Design and implement large-scale data ingestion pipelines, feature engineering workflows, feature stores, and data lakes.
  • Collaborate with machine learning researchers, software engineers, and marketing professionals to bring our latest AI technologies into production.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


About You

  • 4 or more years of professional DevOps experience operationalizing products in a cloud environment such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.
  • 3 or more years of experience architecting, scaling, and supporting ML systems deployed to production.
  • Experience managing day-to-day operation of ML platforms in production for high availability
  • Strong experience containerizing and orchestrating microservices, especially in an AWS environment.
  • Extensive experience optimizing models for inference using techniques such as pruning and quantization.
  • Demonstrated high level of proficiency in Python.
  • Solid understanding of modern deep learning architecture (CNNs, Transformers, etc.).
  • Familiarity designing and publishing service APIs for internal and external integration.
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, frameworks, libraries, and internally developed workflows as they become available.
  • Passionate about Matterworks’ mission to deliver novel technologies with the potential to transform the life sciences industry.

Nice to Have

  • Comfortable using PyTorch
  • Completion of at least one full product development lifecycle, including deployment, support, and maintenance
  • Experience using AWS ML services within SageMaker ecosystem
  • Familiarity developing software for use in a strictly regulated environment
  • Experience collaborating cross-functionally with scientists, AI/ML experts, and marketing teams
  • Familiar with agile development methodologies, including FDD, TDD, and BDD

About the Company

Matterworks, Inc. is building the world’s most powerful metabolomics platform, which accelerates the discovery, development, and manufacturing of biologics and gene therapies. A venture-backed startup, our mission is to democratize metabolomics and catalyze its widespread adoption and integration into the life sciences.

The field of metabolomics sits today where genomics was positioned in the early 2000’s: ripe for a breakthrough that drives explosive adoption of metabolomics as an essential tool for the life sciences. To realize this opportunity, our platform combines mass spectrometry with advanced AI to systematize, scale, and accelerate metabolomics workflows.

Contact Info

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