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Python+MongoDB+Javascript Developer
Premonition Software Limited
Remote, UK

Job Title

Python+MongoDB+Javascript Developer

Job Description

At Premonition, we’ve spent the last 7 years building out PropTech software that enables our property-owning clients (household-name retailers and government departments) to make massive productivity gains by intelligently processing their financial data, analysing their statutory documents and collecting important information directly from their suppliers via our easy-to-use web applications and REST APIs. You can read more about the software at:

To do this, we use:

  • async python and React+MUI
  • MongoDB
  • Kubernetes
  • web services from AWS and Google, for parallel processing and specialist functions

We’ve benefitted from close working relationships with our clients to understand which features and applications to create next and now we’re looking to expand the team to keep up with demand.

The Role:

  • We’re a 100% remote company, partly because we appreciate that software development is a creative endeavour. Whilst our architectural and design principles are rigorously applied, we encourage developers to produce their best work by giving them space and time to experiment and create.
  • We believe that written communication is the most powerful way to convey complex topics, so we set time aside for designs to be written up, reviewed and discussed before coding starts. You will then be expected to write code that is easy to read, has thorough test coverage and to own the deployment process, which is fully automated, right through to production.
  • Once in production, we consider monitoring a healthy running application to be key functionality and you may be required to provide “on call” support where you have control over how the automatic monitoring is implemented.
  • You will sometimes need to research and evaluate new libraries and technologies and work towards a team consensus on what is introduced and the scope of where it is used. You will particularly need to keep up-to-speed on security best practices (e.g. the OWASP Top Ten) as all our code is reviewed and tested from a security standpoint.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


  • Several years of professional experience as a software developer, though not necessarily in PropTech
  • While we don't require you to be an expert in all the technology we use, you will need a solid base of programming fluently in python: You should have several significant projects in your career history and comprehensive knowledge of the language
  • Ideally we're looking for a senior developer, so experience of technical leadership would be beneficial
  • Although the role is remote, you must be based in the UK: If you prefer not to work from home, we can arrange desk space at a suitable co-working facility, as necessary
  • The hours worked could be flexible or the role could be part-time if preferred
  • Aside from the day-to-day role, you will need to travel to London, at least twice a year for technical workshops and pair programming with the rest of the team

About the Company

One of the ways we’ve been successful is by designing around human limitations and to complement human strengths: we endeavour to cover off all edge cases we forsee, whilst failing safely in scenarios that “should never happen”.

You will work directly with the hands-on founders of a growing software business and have the perfect opportunity to build on their industry insights by creating niche software which aims to be a joy to use.

Please prepare your CV as a PDF and apply via our website at:

Contact Info

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