is looking for an exceptional mid-level software engineer to join our team and work on t…">

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Mid Software Engineer, Core
Remote in UK and Europe, Remote in UK and Europe, Remote in UK and Europe

Job Title

Mid Software Engineer, Core

Job Description

Datapane ( is looking for an exceptional mid-level software engineer to join our team and work on the core of our open-source library and hosted platform.

This role has extensive scope and unique requirements, and you should be excited to be solving complex challenges across the stack, including:

  • Designing, building and operating a serverless PaaS which allows data scientists to deploy and execute Python functions and Jupyter notebooks in the cloud. This involves working on our functions system which injects data, end-user parameters, and environments into user-deployed workloads which are executed using containers. This presents interesting challenges, such as managing lifecycles, logging, monitoring, isolation, and more. This will involve working both in Python and F# and using low-level Linux primitives (e.g. namespaces).
  • Working on our open-source SDK, which includes a view library which is used by thousands of data scientists to create interactive data science documents. This hooks into common Python visualisation libraries and data formats, serialises artefacts to Apache Arrow or JSON, and sends them over wire to our API and Content-Addressable Storage layer. Additionally, it is used inside of third-party environments, such as Airflow, Spark, or Jupyter, and compiles to an XML-based spec which is sent over the wire and exported to standalone HTML bundles.
  • Working on higher-level app-building functionality from our functions and views components, including the design of RPC-driven app protocols, handling app state and input, and optimisations needed to run this at scale and the tradeoffs required.
  • Working on our view renderers, including our HTML renderer, an open-source Typescript/Vue.js implementation of the view spec. This provides fully interactive exploration of Python visualisation formats, such as vega-lite and Plotly, as well as allowing end-user exploration of Arrow dataframes using our DataTable component.

You should feel comfortable at the challenge of helping architect and build backend systems which cover the above, which requires both a large breadth of knowledge and deep technical expertise.

What technologies will you be working with?

You will be working with Python, F#, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes and interfacing with our primary Django application. Additionally, you will be working with Typescript and interfacing with our Vue.js view-layer. You will gain deep expertise in containerization, functional programming, low-level Python, and data processing libraries (such as pandas).


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


As this is a unique role, we are open-minded about what a perfect candidate looks like, and aren’t hiring specifically based on experience with the above technologies. We are open to senior, lead, or principal software engineers who have deep expertise in other languages but have solved similar challenges.

This should include:

  • 3+ years of backend experience across a variety of languages, including Python. Interest and experience in functional languages would be a big plus.
  • Ideally you would have knowledge of working with lower-level operating system primitives, such as containers and even namespaces directly.
  • Experience designing and architecting protocols, data models, and distributed systems.
  • Experience with modern development practices, such as CI/CD, DevOps, Cloud architectures, Docker, and general Linux sysadmin knowledge.
  • Knowledge of Pandas, numpy, arrow and the associated Python data science and visualisation stack would be useful.

You should like the idea of releasing to real customers regularly, and prioritise getting a great product into users’ hands for feedback and iteration. You will have extensive scope to build and architect the backend, and to help grow the team in the future.

Note this role is remote, but we are hiring in the UK and Europe only. Please do not apply if you are not within these geographies.

About the Company

Datapane is the frontend for the data science ecosystem. Our open-source library helps data scientists use the tools they love to create reports, dashboards, and apps for non-technical end-users.

We are backed by some of the top investors in the world, and have grown to be the most popular way to create and share data science reports. We are proud to put the power of the open-source ecosystem in the hands of over 50,000 end-users each month.

Take a look at our Employee Handbook to learn about the application process and how we work:

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