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Founder / Python Developer
Tradail Inc.
Boston ( Preferably) / Remote US, MA, USA

Job Title

Founder / Python Developer

Job Description

We are a startup company looking to fix the ongoing issues at the ports across the globe. If this is a fit we are going to ask you to join us as a founder as the company doesn't technically exist yet. we do have some seed funding but looking for individuals to join.

General Problem:

Maximzing an efficient queu taken from a 3D array on one side of an input based off variables fed in from the other side of the input.


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK


We are all about the right fit. All of us kind of have a screw loose and want the same type of people.

We are looking for individuals who are out of the box thinkers. Honestly the crazier the better. We want people will to take risks with us. In return, we are offering a fairly free hand at the wheel to try any/every hair brained scheme you've ever thought up.

Python, C++

About the Company

Startup Freight Tech. When we solve this issue, there will be a fundamental paradigm shift in global logistics. We have the solution, we just don't have the technical skills to implement what we want to do.

Contact Info

Previous Big Data Engineer, Logic20/20 in Seattle, WA, USA Next Senior Software Engineer (Python Stack/ Django / FinTech / Google Cloud) – Africa, CA Global in Africa, Africa