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AI Researcher - NLP (Fluent in Japanese)
Cinnamon AI Taiwan Inc.
Taipei, Taiwan

Job Title

AI Researcher - NLP (Fluent in Japanese)

Job Description

Do you want to implement the most advanced AI technology? Do you like to embrace new challenges and proactively overcome them?

If you are eager to work in a fast-paced international Start-up and want to expand your global perspective; fluent in both English and Japanese, able to communicate and cooperate with Japanese colleagues and foreign customers.

Or if you are passionate about the AI ​​industry and keen to apply AI to solve problems in life and business.

Welcome you join Cinnamon AI to create and implement the best AI technologies and products!

AI Researcher needs to be able to understand client needs and have the company's technical capabilities:

  • For different case needs, a complete technical analysis is required, including the required information, resources, and expected results.
  • Understand the core of the problem and find out the real needs of clients.
  • Cooperate with Project Tech Lead to provide exact solutions for different client needs, and implement AI technology in projects and products.
  • Supervise the project and product quality to ensure that the project goes on smoothly and meets client needs.
  • Improve your own knowledge and technical capabilities, and understand how to import and apply the latest AI technology to projects and products.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please



  • Excellent level of using Japanese at work (spoken/reading).

    Please provide any information that can prove your ability in English and Japanese in your resume (For example the certificate, education, or living period in Japan...)

  • Development experience in NLP projects.

  • Extensive experience in architecting and applying state-of-art deep learning techniques to NLP.

  • Experience working with large datasets.

  • Familiar with deep learning framework (at least one): Tensorflow, PyTorch, Keras, Caffe, Torch.

  • Design AI solutions for complex problems from scratch.

  • Experience in one or more of the following areas: Information Retrieval, Named-Entity Recognition, Text Summarization, Question answering, Knowledge Graph, Document Ranking.

  • Proficiency in Python.

  • Ability to work independently and with team members from different backgrounds.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Publication records in relevant areas.
  • Experience working with Japanese datasets.
  • Proficiency in one or more than one programming language except for Python (C/C++, Java, Golang).
  • Previous experience in working with Japanese clients.
  • Experience with research team management.

About the Company

Cinnamon AI is the pioneer in business consulting and developing AI solutions. Our existing products include AI Document Reader (Flax Scanner), Document Understanding (Aurora), Speech Understanding (Rossa Voice), Computer Vision and keep expanding.

We aim at becoming the No.1 Global Business AI company through creating disruptive innovations continuously.

Our uniqueness relies on the capability to not only develop state-of-the-art core technology but also advise top executives on redesigning business strategy and operations processes to truly drive intelligent transformation.

Contact Info

Previous Data Scientist (Fluent in Japanese), Cinnamon AI Taiwan Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan Next Senior STT Deep Learning Engineer, Coqui in Berlin, Berlin, Germany