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lead developer New
Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Job Title

lead developer

Job Description

we have multiple high tech therapy devices offering a wide range of gait & general movement trainings, we want to extract the data, put into a common data model and then create reports/machine learning models on top of that. The goal: improve therapie

as lead developer you will be able to form this environment, we are starting in autumn (hardware delivery) by extracting the data and setting up all the necessary pipelines. As this is greenfield we are not 100% sure on the technologies used, however Python seems like a natural fit for the very data driven nature of this endeveaur.

to list the responsibilties that you will fully / partially have to work on (depending on your strong suits)

  • requirements engineering
  • design of the target architecture, chosing technologies, frameworks, vendors et al
  • implementation or supervision of ETL/ELT steps, data science pipeline, report generation
  • running the team using agile methodology (scrum)
  • documentation - creation, supervision, acceptance
  • end to end responsibility for the tech stack & data


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


please note that not everything is a must have but rather a wishlist.. based on your exact capabilities we can manage anything

  • experience in creating ELT/ETL pipelines, data structures for persistence and reporting using a framework of your chosing
  • experience with cloud stacks (AWS, Azure, GCP even potentially self hosted)
  • itsec/syssec know how to keep the patient/healthcare data safe
  • content leadership experience (teamlead/techlead)
  • very important: an inherent wish to help people with your skills
  • (partial) on site availability necessary due to the nature of the job (patients in house, hardware devices & data to understand

About the Company

tech2people is a med-tech startup located in Vienna, Austria. We are going to expand upon the chances for digitalisation in the area of therapie and rehabilitation. Founded 2018 we are currently operating the first ambulant therapy-centre for robotic enhanced neuro-rehabiliation in Austria. With extraordinary knowledge around exoskelettal gait therapy we have offered more than 1.500 therapy units with over 150 people participating. We are currently closing our second round of funding and are therefor looking for motivated people to expand our team.

Contact Info

Previous Python Developer, d.labs in Remote, Remote OR Slovenia Next Data Scientist, BBC in London (W12) or Salford (M50), England, United Kingdom