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Intermediate/Senior Software Engineer New
Pagefreezer Software Inc
Vancouver, Canada

Job Title

Intermediate/Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

Engineer business solutions and a highly available, self-healing platform (using best practices) that can handle the massive amounts of our customers’ data as we scale, optimized for high performance, efficiency, stability, and quality front of mind, using our techstack which includes:

  • Docker, Swarm (and soon, Kubernetes)
  • Cassandra, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Redis (we’re fans of polyglot persistence, and use what makes the most sense for scaling. We have over 50 servers with 20+ services and multiple datacenters to sync…)
  • Tornado, Django, AsyncIO, and Celery

Keep up with our API partners as they grow and change (Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce… those kinds of API partners!)

Set our Engineering teammates up for success by writing thorough documentation, reusable libraries, and reliable tests

Collaborate closely with internal stakeholders (like Product, QA, and Support, to start) to ensure a stellar Customer Experience of our product end-to-end


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • 2+ years experience in Python using asynchronous programming as a Software Developer or Engineer on a team with a production-quality business solution
  • Understand microservices architecture that utilizes both REST APIs and event-based architecture from a security perspective (for example, understanding the vulnerabilities of HTTP Protocol)
  • Realize the value of customer data traveling through the wire and the technologies used to make data cryptographically secure, such as Hashicorp Vault, SSL/TLS
  • Built a live, self-healing product relying on distributed systems, using non-relational databases (bonus points if it scaled to support more clients)
  • Big fan of automation -- our entire development and deployment pipeline (for our social media product) is automated using Ansible, Stackstorm (IFTTT), and Hashicorp Consul
  • Top-notch team communicator, share knowledge with peers, create tools that help Devs be more productive and utilize the tools and process we use, like Slack, Jira, and GitHub, and happy to work with legacy code

About the Company

Pagefreezer is a strong values-driven company and are industry leaders in a very niche field. Our Social Media Archiving and Monitoring solution enables organizations to create and share defensible records of their social media content, quickly and easily in our dashboard, in real-time—every like, share, edit, and deletion. Our innovative product and the team have led us to build connections and customers in Fortune 500's to global government agencies.

We have been around for 10 years and are on track to grow exponentially over the next few years so it's a really exciting time to be apart of the team!

Contact Info

Previous Lead Backend Developer, Syrona Health in London or Remote, UK Next Senior/Intermediate Python Software Developer, 8 Peaks Solutions in Durham, NC, USA