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Senior Software Engineer
Cyber-Dive Corp.
Mesa, AZ, United States

Job Title

Senior Software Engineer

Job Description

What it means to be a Cyber Dive ninja:

All of the “dark magic” at Cyber Dive happens in the backend.

The team of backend engineers is a tight-knit, high octane group (we in x games mode). If you want to make it, you have to dig deep and find the grit that makes you want to rise above any challenge, your peers, and your friends.

It’s a land of unknowns and a constant repetition of the quote “I’ve never done this before”. If you’re ready to jump out of the airplane and build your parachute on the way to the ground, you’ll fit right in.

What you do:

  • Beat new web technologies into submission not limited to just python
  • Work with celery tasks to run all backend code
  • Create and update Django database models to fit with the app
  • Connect all the different parts together: backend, database, analysis, celery tasks, and frontend
  • Serve the data in the way the frontend needs
  • Write unit/functional tests for your code
  • Create/Update documentation to reflect changes you make
  • Provide input to scheduling, forecasting, and any other resource needs for new features
  • Adapt existing solutions or invent new creative solutions to complex problems
  • Always question if the code you write is the best way and listen to constructive criticism
  • Work independently and collaboratively, always communicating effectively up and sideways (to bosses and peers)


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


What you are responsible for:

  • The entire backend
  • Adapting logic to celery tasks
  • Render the appropriate data required by the frontend correctly
  • Serving the correct data to the different analyzers
  • Understanding how Django works to effectively change/create models (atomicity principal)
  • Backend (Django REST API) uptime, ZERO downtime
  • Writing clean, scalable, organized code. Don’t repeat yourself principle (DRY)
  • Ensure your code, any requirements, and any packages you add are compatible with the servers

Knowledge Needed:

  • Python, Django
  • Rest APIs, the infrastructure of a single page web application (SPA)
  • Linux and Windows OSs
  • Web Application Security Vulnerabilities (at least OWASP Top 10)
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • bash/shell/unix scripting

vGit, Bitbucket, Jira, Atlassian * OOP and Pythonic thinking * Impact of backend processes on server resources (CPU, memory, etc.) * JSON and JSON Web Tokens (JWT) * PostgreSQL and general SQL knowledge/best practices

About the Company

We are building tools that parents can use to keep their kid's safe on social media. We are a group of scrappy folks who like to accomplish crazy goals.


  • Can check your ego at the door
  • Self-starter, in the absence of direction, find something to improve and take action
  • Hungry to make everything the best of the best
  • Relentless in ensuring that things are done in a reliable, effective, and scalable way
  • Great at diving deep to find out the cause for a bug or logic error, further than just the print out of the error
  • Take ownership and accountability
  • Continuous self-improvement with rapidly changing tech, best practices, and overall infrastructure manageability
  • Sense of urgency with attention to detail and documentation
  • Collaborative with others, seek to understand first
  • Always want to improve self, taking feedback from others as a chance to grow
  • Generous in giving feedback to others (peers, leaders, etc.) to give everyone the chance to improve and grow
  • Relentless about how clean and organized your code is

Contact Info

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