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Fullstack Engineer
London, London, England

Job Title

Fullstack Engineer

Job Description

At Memrise we create a variety of tools to help our amazing content team communicate and engage more effectively with our user base. This role is focused on getting the content we create to help people on their language learning journeys.

We are hoping for a productive, product-focused engineer who will provide technical direction for our crucial Content Authoring System. We need you to enable our teams of linguists, educators, film makers, and translators to ship relevant, entertaining content to language learners. You will be building the tools they use day in, day out. The improvements you make there will have an immediate effect on the experience of millions of language learners around the world.

We are looking for someone who likes to ship small, frequent changes in a small team, who enjoys working directly with their users, and who provides a constant upward lift in engineering quality.

The Team:

  • Our team values empathy for the people we work with and the community we work for. We support each other. We are purposeful in our actions and effective at collaboration.
  • At Memrise the Platform team is undergoing an exciting period of growth and we are hoping to add talented people across infrastructure, analytics and engineering this year.
  • This position is open as a remote position to anyone in the UK. Though the team is mostly based in London, we are committed to building a sustainable remote-first culture.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


In this role you’ll:

  • Improve and maintain our Content Authoring System (like a game level editor, but for learning languages)
  • Improve and maintain internal tools for responding to end user needs
  • Use your engineering know-how to offer our content, marketing, and data teams the tools they really need but would never think to ask for
  • Add new interfaces for editing loads of new types of interactive audio and video content
  • Make improvements to our publishing pipeline that help it efficiently scale it to our millions of active users

You might be a good fit if you have/are:

  • Experience developing web applications written with Python
  • Comfortable using Git and GitHub for day-to-day work
  • Experience working with relational databases, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Good knowledge of React, Typescript, Babel, Webpack or equivalents and building single page web applications.
  • Strong product focus and commitment to good design and user experience


  • Excellent understanding of modern DevOps / SRE practices
  • Experience on an on-call rota for a critical production system
  • Understanding of Django

Within 1 month you'll:

  • Have built and deployed multiple important improvements to our internal tooling system

Within 3 months you'll:

  • Have a brilliant understanding of Memrise and how we communicate with our users to help on their language learning journeys
  • Be handling requests for help from Memrisians as part of our internal support rota

Within 6 months you'll:

  • Be someone the content team relies on and doesn’t ever want to not have on hand
  • Shipped major structural improvements to our Content Authoring System and made it very much your own

Salary: £45,000-65,000

About the Company

Memrise is an award-winning language learning system with a growing user base of over 50 million. By leveraging lots of brain science and plenty of humour, we’re striving to enrich people’s consciousness and help people achieve confident, real-world language skills in just a few short months.

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