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DevOps Engineer - Remote
Remote, Remote, Remote

Job Title

DevOps Engineer - Remote

Job Description

As a DevOps engineer you'll work closely with developers to make their lives easier through creating automations, your goal is to empower the developers to provide business value and handle everything around running, deploying and upgrading the application.

Job Responsibilities:

*Own assigned trouble cases, managing and keeping up with all cases assigned, follow up and resolve cases in accordance with SLAs *Write tools and scripts to provide automation and self service solutions for ourselves and other teams *Design and maintain new systems to support production services *Creatively solve scalability challenges on a rapidly expanding cloud environment *Help improve monitoring and identify key performance metrics *Proactive Research and Development - discovering and implementing new tools, emerging technology, etc. *Design, implement and maintain disaster recovery system *Troubleshooting and resolution of server/network and application issues *Proactively ensure service runs with minimal interruptions


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


*6+ years experience working as a Linux administrator/engineer at reasonable scale (dozens of systems) and designing/deploying ‘highly available’ solutions *Experience with Configuration Management systems such as SaltStack or Ansible. *Solid experience in Linux troubleshooting, tuning, profiling, and monitoring *Strong development experience with Python. *Experience running microservice applications on containers. *Solid understanding of network protocols like TCP/IP, HTTP, TLS, firewalls, VLANs, DNS. *Experience with Kafka, Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes is preferred. *Understanding of load balancing and reverse proxying techniques. *Highly organized, able to multitask, able to work individually, as well as within a team, and across teams *Strong oral and written communication skills in English *Familiarity with software engineering practices, including n-tier architecture, configuration management, development methodologies (e.g. agile, waterfall, spiral, prototyping), etc. *Flexibility around working hours - if there is an issue you should use your initiative and help resolve this. *Maintaining and respecting confidentiality of large amounts of information you have access to.

About the Company

We are the Creators and lead maintainer of Scrapy, an open source web extraction framework used by over 1M developers. As we've grown through the years, our amazing team have worked to bring new products to life such as:

*Crawlera: A specially designed proxy for web scraping to ensure you can crawl quickly and reliably.

*Splash: A headless browser to enable customers to extract data from JavaScript websites.

*AutoExtract: delivers next-generation web scraping capabilities backed by an AI-enabled data extraction engine. This enables customers to crawl many websites without needing to write custom CSS and XPath selectors for each one.

You will be joining a wonderfully diverse team of Shubbers who stretch to different corners of the globe and although we are "remote", we're certainly not distant. We share the same fundamental values that encourage us to communicate openly and freely; collaborate cross functionally; continue to innovate and strive to do better while keeping our customers at the centre of everything we do.

Contact Info

Previous Senior Software Engineer, Fullstack, Minted in Kansas City, Missouri, United States Next Internal System Lead Developer, Scrapinghub in Remote, remote, Remote