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Founding Software Engineer - Data New

Job Title

Founding Software Engineer - Data

Job Description

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a software engineer with some background in data science or data engineering.

You will build and implement data infrastructure that allows future Pave engineers and data scientists the ability to prototype and iterate on features to be executed on top of consumer-permissioned financial data.

We are building our platform from the ground up and as our first engineer, you will have direct influence over the architecture of the platform.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


What will you do?

  • Become an expert in creating solutions that clean bank transaction data
  • Implement scalable, well-designed systems
  • Development experience in Python (or a similar language) and a willingness to work with Python infrastructure.
  • Help build a team of hungry, motivated individuals working in a fast-paced environment
  • Have an active hand in molding the company culture while taking part in our entrepreneurial journey

About the Company

What we do

Pave is powering financial insights for a new generation of fintechs.

We're building a self-service API that makes it easier for fintechs & insurtechs to integrate data sources and attributes in their proprietary ML models (risk, personalization, lead scoring, segmentation).


There are a growing number of companies helping people gain access to digital financial services, whether it’s low-interest loans, insurance, fee-less banking, personalized budgeting, or investment solutions.

We believe financial services will exist for every consumer segment, especially underserved segments including female professionals, refugee communities, immigrants, millennials, retirees, gig workers, and so forth. We are not original in this thought - this is already happening.

Building equitable financial services for underserved consumer segments requires expensive resources, infrastructure, and analysis into new types of datasets. However, the cost to clean, transform, and analyze these new datasets is high, and every company is forced to do the same bespoke work on the same data sources. This is significant time and cost, and impeding the mission around expanding financial inclusion.

We’re lowering the cost of financial services for new and innovative fintechs.


The first challenge we’re focused on solving is helping fintechs gain insight into an individual’s cash flow. While bank aggregators are making it easy for consumers to connect their bank accounts to fintechs, making sense of bank transactions is a major challenge.


Our go-to-market is a Cashflow API that integrates with data sources including bank aggregators, BaaS platforms, and payroll APIs in order to clean and transform transaction data into a detailed snapshot of an individual’s financial health with a range of indicators, metrics, and scores to help fintechs with:

  • Lead scoring
  • Cashflow underwriting
  • Wage advances
  • Micro-loans
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Overdraft protection
  • Personal budgeting
  • Automatic savings
  • Bill/Subscription management
  • Bank fees alerts
  • Credit monitoring & credit building
  • Transaction fraud
  • Segmenting users based on financial profiles

Contact Info

Previous Python Integration Developer, KNIME in Berlin, Germany Next Software Engineer (Data Operations), Autumn Compass in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia