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Python Integration Developer New
Berlin, Germany

Job Title

Python Integration Developer

Job Description

You will be part of an agile team focused on improving and expanding the integration between Python (CPython) and KNIME Analytics Platform. Initial projects include things like deeper KNIME-Python integration, performance optimizations for Java-CPython communication, and Java/Python dependency packaging. Familiarity with tools such as NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, scikit-learn, pytorch, tensorflow and others in the scientific Python stack as well as the Anaconda Python distribution is not required but will be helpful for understanding what end users are often doing in their Python code which they integrate into KNIME.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


You are an experienced developer who works with both Python and Java and who appreciates that Python code should not look like Java and Java code should not look “Pythonic”. You enjoy switching your approach to code organization and coding style as you go back and forth between Java and Python projects. You can help a team of Java developers communicate effectively with a team of Python developers and coordinate the teams’ work. You’re fluent in English, which is our working language. Being fluent in (Swiss-) German is a plus but not required.

About the Company

We are a rapidly growing, young company developing analytics software for performing advanced data science. We are a highly interactive team and very enthusiastic about developing solutions for our users. Our open source KNIME Analytics Platform, developed together with the community, is transforming the data science landscape. It is popular among its very active user community as well as among IT analysts, who regularly place us in their "leaders" category - next to some still surprised industry dinosaurs. Our commercial KNIME Server enables enterprises to responsibly integrate advanced analytics into their operations. In this way, KNIME helps organizations nurture new user populations that want to exploit the benefits of data science and advanced analytics while remaining strongly committed to open source.

Contact Info

Previous Lead Data Engineer, JEG Search LLC in Baltimore, Maryland, United States Next Founding Software Engineer - Data, Pave in Palo Alto, CALIFORNIA, USA