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Python Engineer New
Lisbon, Portugal

Job Title

Python Engineer

Job Description

You will join a company with roots and heart in music, a team of 60+ tech and music enthusiasts from all sides of the world. Rockers and DJs, soccer and basketball players, early twenties and late thirties - we have it all!

Are you our next workmate in Lisbon?

To successfully fuel our data insights both internally and client-facing, we need the support of a talented Python Engineer who has worked with or is interested in working with data transport and processing. Our data pipeline is powered by Python, Airflow, Kafka, Cassandra, Druid, Docker, and AWS services like EKS and S3.

In this role, you’ll be working very hands-on. But you will also have the opportunity to define and impact your own work by actively contributing to our efforts in optimizing and improving our data architecture and business logic.

You will join one of our full-stack development teams and work closely with our Data Engineer, while also being a cooperation partner to our DevOps team. Here, you will contribute to the team’s goal of ensuring consistent data for the insights in our core platform.

You are perfect for this role if you are capable of developing and improving our data pipeline, but feel equally motivated by having a higher level of task variation - including ad-hoc and exploratory data tasks.

Overview of technology in our data pipeline:

  • Storage: Cassandra, Druid, Elasticsearch, SQL Server, MySQL, S3
  • Messaging: AWS SQS, Kafka, Azure Service Bus
  • Orchestration: Airflow
  • Languages: Python, Bash
  • Deployment: Docker, Kubernetes, and TeamCity


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please



  • In collaboration with the full-stack team, take on the development of our data pipeline and support the team’s development of data insights, dashboards, and reports
  • Working in pure Python with no web component.
  • Write, maintain, optimize, refactor, and own robust, thoroughly tested code
  • Test and document your code and fix any issues you find
  • Monitor applications in production
  • Collaborate with our DevOps team on building, maintaining and optimizing the infrastructure for the data pipeline.
  • Actively contribute to the decision making for data pipeline and back-end implementations
  • Stay updated on the field of python back-end development

Abilities and Skills:

  • 3+ years of Back-end development
  • Fluent with Python
  • Experience with a few of python packages: pandas, structlog, json, boto3, pyspark, Cassandra, Kafka, Airflow
  • Experience in unit and integration testing
  • Strong hands-on skills and excellent team player
  • Comfortable with working in an international environment and fluent in English


  • Maintenance and deployment of code, e.g. Git, Docker, K8s, and TeamCity
  • Experience working with distributed systems is a plus
  • Being familiar with the Scrum framework is a plus

About the Company

About Linkfire:

Linkfire was founded as a response to the increasingly complex nature of digital music marketing. Listeners the world over are streaming through different services—so how do you connect to all of them at once, simply and smartly?

Our technology links fans directly to the content they love in their favorite app. At the same time, we empower everyone from major labels to independent artists with unparalleled audience insights.

Since we started, we’ve become a trusted partner to the music industry’s biggest names, as well as thousands of soon-to-be biggest names. We’re headquartered in Copenhagen, with offices in Lisbon, NYC, and LA. Every day we help artists we adore to realizing their potential through the power of music data.

Underpinning our culture is collaborative, agile processes, and something we like to call the ‘Nordic spirit.’ It means working together with transparency, respect, and honesty. And that goes for the way we do business too.

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