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Auto Trading Bot New
Fin-school Education LLP
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Title

Auto Trading Bot

Job Description

We are a fintech company. We build various tools for stock market trading.

We are looking for a good python developer for following:

  1. Push trades from csv file to broker platform with available api
  2. Monitor the position of all trades and exit at given logic

Required experience in :

  1. Handling websocket data
  2. Use of Rest API's
  3. Basic level of Trading experience

Timeline : 1 week max

Commercial : to be negotiated one on one


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


  1. WIndows based UI/UX
  2. VB excel code to push data from excel to python app
  3. Pushing trades to trading platform from the data pushed from VB excel
  4. Providing a dashboard of position status

Broking Platforms : SAMCO broking India Interactive Brokers

About the Company

Fin-School has started as a SAS application model Company centered around Financial Markets. The company intends to branch out in following verticals:

Education and Learning

Mobile Applications and solutions

Advanced Software tools

Machine Learning Platforms

Portfolio Management Services

Broking Services

Contact Info

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