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PhD Computer Scientist
Chamonix, France

Job Title

PhD Computer Scientist

Job Description

To create the technology of tomorrow, extensive research is required, and new knowledge needs to be formulated. Bitcoin is governed by abstract concepts that can be described using advanced programming backgrounds: cryptography, data mining, analysis, cleaning, and visualisation, by means of machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts. 3D and holographic representations would allow us to identify characteristics and patterns of a new kind, aimed at forecasting behaviours intrinsically connected to Bitcoin.

To do so, it is essential to:

● identify the different Bitcoin domains where an intrinsic Bitcoin pattern can be revealed, and

● connect all the Bitcoin domains into a unique complete model.

We are looking to hire a PhD in Computer Science to build this knowledge and its associated technology.

Critical responsibilities will require you to:

● Develop an internal set of tools for data analysis and representation;

● Identify, learn, and familiarise yourself with all possible sources of Bitcoin (blockchain) data from exchanges and data collectors;

● Implement prototypes and advanced algorithms to build simulators and all relevant data extraction tools;

● Collaborate with the internal development team;

● Become an expert in Bitcoin technology (e.g. mining process, SHA-256, blockchain, etc.), with the view to improve it, and help to answer all business needs;

● Take a proactive and ongoing approach to learning and knowledge expansion in topics related to Bitcoin, including but not limited to networking and economics, for example;

● Develop a brand-new visualisation tool based on graph theory, to represent the different bitcoin layers and interactions;

● Actively participate in educating people about the underlying mathematics, as well as Bitstocks’ contribution in the academic sector, e.g. write research articles, technical presentations, etc.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


Essential skills and traits include:

● PhD in Computer Science, extensive knowledge in data extraction, analysis, cleaning, organisation and visualisation;

● Sufficient understanding of machine learning to be able to implement into computer;

● Tenacity in building solid computer-based tools;

● Strong Python coding skills – should be able to learn Golang fast;

● Exceptional learning ability, being able to self-learn and grasp unknown background in any field;

● Strong collaboration, and able to relay information in a way everyone can understand;

● Strong advocate of a data-driven approach;

● Open-minded about new challenges, and open to discussion – adapt all relevant knowledge to possible computer machine, and think about all connections from computational viewpoint to visualise.

About the Company

Bitstocks established in 2014 as the City of London’s first Bitcoin market advisory and investment firm, catering for retail and institutional investors alike. The company focus has always been on education as a key aspect of the service, ensuring investors understand this groundbreaking technology, not only for its potential financial opportunities of Bitcoin but its philosophical benefits too. As our own understanding has deepened, the vision of the business has become centred around harnessing the power and scale of Bitcoin, to build tools that will empower individuals and lead to an evolution of humanity. This mission is being brought to fruition with the creation of Bitstocks’ ecosystem, Gravity, the Bitcoin bank of the future.

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