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Remote Contractor Senior Django REST Developer
AIsoft Development LLC
Washington, D.C., D.C., USA

Job Title

Remote Contractor Senior Django REST Developer

Job Description

We’re a young team of developers building mobile apps, web apps and Alexa skills for clients in the US, and we’re looking to hire a remote Django REST developer to work about 10 hours per week with the goal of increasing that over time. You can work pretty flexibly around your own schedule, and you’ll only be responsible for back-end Django REST API development, not front-end or unrelated dev ops work (unless that interests you). All front-end development will be handled by a front-end dev using client-side libraries like React or Flutter, not Django Templating. All our leadership are developers, so you won’t be bombarded with unrealistic expectations. You’ll also have help from a junior developer or two when/where needed. Available work will vary depending on client projects, but will increase with time. To learn more, you can email us or visit our site: We look forward to you joining the team!


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please


  • Fluent English
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • 5+ years of experience in Django REST development (flexible)
  • Comfortable overseeing a couple Junior developers (those with 1-2 years experience)
  • Able to draft a data model, URL schema and endpoint layout based on project discussions with product manager
  • Comfortable learning and integrating arbitrary third party APIs (e.g. Stripe, Google Cloud Storage, Mailgun, etc.)
  • Good experience with SQL and specifically PostgreSQL (should feel comfortable writing raw SQL and managing a postgres instance beyond the scope of the ORM when needed - e.g. Materialized Views)
  • Should feel comfortable implementing database concepts like indexing, caching and read/write replication
  • Should feel comfortable implementing Cron Jobs and worker queues with technologies like Celery, Redis etc.
  • Experience deploying with Docker
  • Django Channels websocket experience (bonus)
  • Experience deploying to Kubernetes (bonus)
  • Google Cloud experience (bonus)
  • Experience with Gitlab, including its CI/CD pipeline (bonus)

About the Company

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