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3D Face Image manipulation Tool: Python, The Insight Toolkit (ITK) Specialist - (Remote Position)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Job Title

3D Face Image manipulation Tool: Python, The Insight Toolkit (ITK) Specialist - (Remote Position)

Job Description

The entire solution includes a front end; a web application and a backend written in python.


A web based solution written in javascript and html5 and backend in python3 for 3D STL file manipulation with user friendly and automated AI based features for 3D face feature manipulation that includes:

  • auto detection (using something similar to cv2.CascadeClassifier('haarcascade_nose.xml')) and auto cropping a face feature + manual cropping on 2D then converting back to 3D

  • pushing and pulling out a point with mouse cursor & with given nanometer value on face features

  • layers:
    • Smart connection [by opening a new layer] user can connect two (3D face tissues or objects) together.
  • Authentication, Accounts and Subscription (with payment method)

  • Smart 3D Printer Preprocessing:
    • taking out out of line dots (vectors) using an auto smoother (with aggressiveness % variable)
    • auto generating geometric holes in the inner side of the face feature

** all computation happens on the server side and the result received from the backend's restful API renders as an STL image on the web app which that is a frontend for the service


A restful backend API using Tornado that corresponds to all front ends features for receiving, storing and manipulating STL files and authentication and accounts and subscription sections.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


Candidate must know how to:

  • The Insight Toolkit (ITK)
  • Data Science (numpy, scipy, matrices and vector auto manipulation by trained models/filters using series of matrix, graph algorithms)
  • Python
  • Javascript GUI for 3D STL image manipulation

Acceptance Test:

Provide a python script that given a 3d face STL file in the attachments section it auto detect the 3d part of the nose and auto crops only the nose part of the face and stores it as a new STL file.

About the Company

  • The project must be done within 3 month and the candidate will move into a full time position after that
  • We are based in Canada. however, work internationally.
  • All work is remote

Contact Info

Previous Senior Software Engineer - Core Services, Rivian in Palo Alto, California, United States Next Software Engineer - Python, Red Hat in Raleigh, NC, USA