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Artificial Optical Inspection (AOI) New
Nexedi SA
Lille, France

Job Title

Artificial Optical Inspection (AOI)

Job Description


  • Task : Artificial Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Preferred location : Lille (France), Plovdiv (Bulgaria)
  • Other locations : Paris (France), Munich (Germany), Tokyo (Japan) or Shanghai (China)
  • Type : Internship or Job
  • Function : Developer
  • Duration : 3-6 Months/Permanent
  • Reference : Offer-2020-AOI


Nexedi is looking for a developer whose task is to implement Artificial Optical Inspection (AOI) of motherboards of small computers and routers. The result will be Open Source / Free Software combined with Open Source Hardware (to be used in an open source industrial robot).

AOI has multiple purposes:

detect quality problems (eg. bad soldering, missing part in a package); detect logistic attacks (eg. a "backdoor" component was added to the original PCB layout design). AOI is based on various techniques of vision, including - but not only - machine learning (scikit-image, scikit-learn, etc.). A Wendelin data-lake is involved to collect large sets of images. Data Sets will be published as open data.

The project will first target micro-servers by Olimex, the world's largest designer of open source hardware. All PCB layouts of Olimex are available under open source licenses and are designed using KiCAD open source PCB design software. Olimex is based on Bulgaria in the city of Plovdiv.


  • Master artificial optical inspection (AOI)
  • Master anomaly detection
  • Master PCB quality assurance
  • Master Edge Computing based on SlapOS
  • Master Olimex open source hardware


  • Contribute to data science and vision algorithms for PCB quality assurance
  • Contribute to open source projects: scikit-learn, scikit-image, Wendelin, etc.
  • Contribute to Edge Computing projects for industry-leading clients
  • Contribute to research projects to build the future of our open source stack


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • Passionate, self-driven.
  • Willingness to contribute to an open source ecosystem and the Free Software community.
  • Good skills in GNU/Linux operating system.
  • Good programming skills in python.
  • Basic knowledge of data sciences, applied mathematics and vision algorithms.
  • Good software development skills (version control, testing, debugging).
  • Good command of English.

About the Company

Nexedi has been developing free software since launching in 2001. We are maintaining software solutions (see our full stack ) with over 10 million lines of code including:

  • ERP5 - ERP/CRM/DMS/e-business
  • Slapos - Cloud Orchestration and deployment
  • Wendelin - Big Data/Machine Learning
  • Neo - Distributed Storage
  • Resist - Resilient Mesh Network
  • Renderjs - Promise based component framework
  • jIO - Virtual File System and storage connector
  • NayuOS - Private OS
  • OfficeJs - Private, offline capable productivity AppStore

Besides participating in various research initiatives, Nexedi provides customisation services for solutions with implementations being used by corporations such as Airbus, Sanef, Mitsubishi all around the world. We follow the principles of reflexive programming, enforce strict unit testing and emphasise using the latest web technologies.

Our economic model requires each developer to fulfill R&D objectives aiming at delivering short to medium sized solutions to customer requirements and progressing the evolution of our software stack. This way we try to be innovative and fund long term free software without the need for venture capital.

Contact Info

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