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Embedded and Back End Software Engineer New
Centratech Systems
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Job Title

Embedded and Back End Software Engineer

Job Description

The role is to work on the Field Mouse devices, and the backend that supports them.

The devices are primarily written in Python, with a small amount of C running on a microprocessor.

Most of the backend runs off AWS, with Python being being used in Lamba functions and in other services that support the product. CI is done using Buildbot, and monitoring with Prometheus.

The role also includes some SQL, with some responsibilities to administer the Redshift database.

The team is small enough that, at least initially, the applicant will be the only person currently working on the code.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


The successful applicant will have:

  • A degree in Software/Computer Engineering
  • A passion for IoT, continual improvement and the growth of the team
  • 3+ years industry experience programming Python & C and experience in AWS IoT tools.
  • Extensive experience in Linux Operating Systems
  • A thorough understanding of project development and version control.
  • Experience in embedded devices
  • Demonstrated ability to work remotely and effectively in small teams.
  • Experience in SQL, C and Python
  • Experience in Rust would be favoured but not necessary
  • Excellent diagnostic and error analysis abilities

About the Company

Centratech Systems primary product is the Field Mouse Platform. This consists of the Mighty Mouse and Mini Mouse - IOT devices that monitor digital and analog inputs, and have relays to turn devices on and off. They are primarily used in agriculture, water pumps, and dealing with sports field lighting.

Contact Info

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