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Simulation Tools Developer (2 pos open, Junior+Senior)
Adderbury, Banbury, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Job Title

Simulation Tools Developer (2 pos open, Junior+Senior)

Job Description

  • Contribute to tools developed by the team.
  • Assure alignment with product centres, so that the numerical simulation reflects reality.
  • Advise users within the business on how to use the tools effectively.
  • Specify and develop new simulation tools.

Build discrete event simulation models in Python3 for the Dematic Concepting Engine (DCE):

  • High Speed Sorters
  • AMCAP & robotics
  • Modelling of manual operations (humans)
  • Assure 95% code coverage of own models.
  • Advise the Concepting Consultants on how to use the DCE effectively (worldwide, skype) and be able to show/tell how to use the DCE as Subject-Matter-Expert


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


  • Excellent analytical and conceptual thinking skills for data structures and numbers (mathematics, computer science and/or physics).
  • Strong interest in software development with Python3.
  • Has experience with building discrete event simulation using Python.

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About the Company

We are Dematic, the World’s 3rd largest materials handling systems supplier. We have been delivering and developing our technology for 200 years. It’s our people and our technology that have helped to transform this industry, and we are continuing to grow faster than ever. New technology is shifting the way our customers think about automation and intralogistics. The 4th industrial revolution is upon us, and we are now seeing the introduction of new technology like robotics, new software and analytics to help drive efficiency.

At Dematic, we deliver solutions to our customers that help optimise their supply chain, improve performance and optimise productivity. Every day our automated and software technology solutions help to deliver 18.5 billion parcels worldwide every day. Warehouses and distributions centres are at the heart of the supply chain, which is our space. Our role is to find the most efficient way of getting goods from the start of their journey through to their exit and shipping off to consumers meeting their expectations and demands in a fast moving world.

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