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Senior Python Software Engineer
Cracow, Poland

Job Title

Senior Python Software Engineer

Job Description

As a Python developer at SpotOn, you’ll be tasked with building backend infrastructure that powers our web and mobile platform. You’ll utilize both Python 2 and 3, taking advantage of the powerful asynchronous features and other niceties granted by modern Python. We strongly believe in helping each other, asking questions, and welcoming new developers. Being part of a software team should never be a struggle; we are looking for someone who shares that spirit.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


•3+ years of real-world experience with modern Python • You follow most of PEP8 •Experience building and consuming APIs that drive complex systems • Eager to get your hands dirty with Python 3 • SQL Database skills • You should enjoy working with SQL and be eager to get your hands on a dataset and do cool stuff • You don’t need to be DBA-level, but you should be comfortable writing basic to intermediate SQL queries without googling •Understand the end-to-end delivery of software to users •Bonus points for •MongoDB experience • Twisted experience •Django experience •Async in Python 3.5+ • DevOps: Ansible and AWS

About the Company

SpotOnis a fast-growing payments, marketing, and loyalty platform. We have built easy-to-use tools for businesses to increase revenue and connect them with their customers using rewards, deals, online reviews, and data analytics. Tools like these were previously only available to big businesses with big bankrolls and their own developers, but our platform caters to neighborhood stores, independent retailers, and other small businesses. We have our service deployed in many cities across the U.S. and Mexico.

Contact Info

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