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Senior Software Engineer - Search Team
Boston, MA, United States

Job Title

Senior Software Engineer - Search Team

Job Description

First and foremost, Kyruuvians care deeply about our vision to enable human beings to care for human beings, our mission, and our CORE values:

  • Caring – We care about our clients, their patients, and each other.
  • Ownership – We own our success and have the courage to make decisions.
  • Respect – We respect and enjoy each other's journey, experiences, and gifts.
  • Empowerment – We empower our team, our clients, their providers and patients to make the right decisions.
  • Here’s what that would mean for you in the Software Engineer role on the Scheduling Team.


You’ll code and test our software products. In addition to coding, you’ll understand requirements, figure out what to build, and then build it. You will work on both existing and new products.


  • Your typical day will include writing code (mostly in python) and reviewing others’ code. * You’ll develop unit and integration tests to ensure the quality of the code.
  • You’ll participate in and contribute to Agile team activities. You may play a specific role (such as Team Lead or Architect Owner) on your Agile team.
  • You’ll ensure stories are on track to be delivered with the sprint. You’ll escalate issues if the stories begin to go off track and work with your team to make necessary corrections to mitigate overall project risk.
  • You’ll embrace and consistently apply best practices, coding standards, and patterns for development and deployment of your code. You’ll mentor more junior engineers on those best practices and patterns.
  • You’ll investigate alerts about possible errors in our system. You’ll address outages in a timely manner in order to accomplish our technology platform SLAs.
  • You’ll work on design and architecture investigations.
  • You’ll report to the Manager, Engineering in the Routing & Scheduling department within the R&D - Engineering division.


How You’ll Use Your Professional Skills

You’ll use your 4+ years programming experience to:

  • Help accomplish the goals of your Agile team through your design and programming skills building out Python/Flask based API’s, working with Elasticsearch to build performant queries to get the best possible match for patients. You will also leverage the AWS ecosystem to build serverless applications and use standard tooling like SAM, CodeDeploy, and Bitbucket Pipelines to automate the deployment.
  • Accurately estimate work for the sprint cycle and proactively provide updates on your status. Communicate adjustments to your estimates as you have new information in order to ensure your Product Owner can set appropriate expectations about availability of value being delivered by your team.

You’ll use your experience in/familiarity with technologies relevant to Kyruus to:

  • Build, scale, and deliver dynamic and highly-available enterprise solutions
  • Think creatively about how to use technology and tools to solve problems faced by our users and customers
  • Research new libraries and components to add to our system.

You’ll use your communication and active listening skills to:

  • Understand the needs of our users and customers at the beginning of each project
  • Provide complete, actionable, and timely technical feedback to your Agile team
  • Mentor fellow and junior engineers
  • Create an inclusive environment where your peers feel motivated to succeed.


How You’ll Know You’re Succeeding

  • You commit quality code (lots!) reliably and on time to help the team achieve roadmap goals and customer commits.
  • You regularly write excellent documentation.
  • You follow Agile practices in your daily and weekly work and are reliable team member
  • You provide timely feedback on designs and code changesets and share technical insights, learnings, and best practices with Kyruuvians by presenting at Lunch & Learns, Technical Brown Bags, and internal demos.

Where You’ll Go From Here

  • Kyruuvians in the Senior Software Engineer I role can move in a more linear career path along the individual contributor track. From here, depending on your skills, performance, and accomplishments, you could become either a Senior Software Engineer II or Principal Software Engineer I on the individual contributor track. Continued career progression can involve either growth along the Technical track or transitioning to a Management track.
  • Kyruus also loves to see an internal transfer. If a linear career path is not what you’re looking for, you can work with you manager and HR to explore lateral moves to other parts of the organization as you continue to grow with us.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


  • 4+ years of engineering experience
  • Proficient in at least one backend programming language, preferably python, but experience in other languages like Ruby, Java, etc is fine too.
  • Being an AWS shop, experience with AWS services like EC2, SQS, SNS, Lambda, DynamoDB, etc is a bonus.
  • While not required, experience in search with tools like Elasticsearch, Solr, etc is a bonus.

About the Company

Inspired by the Moneyball concept popularized by the Oakland A’s in baseball, Graham Gardner, MD and Julie Yoo founded Kyruus in 2010 to bring a data-driven approach to matching patients with healthcare providers, such as doctors, physician assistants, and registered nurses. The company focuses on solving the “patient access paradox": patients being told to wait weeks (if not months) for appointments while appointment slots simultaneously go unutilized – even at leading health systems. Helping to solve this supply-demand mismatch and solve truly unmet needs in healthcare, Kyruus is now the leader in patient access technology. The company works with top health systems across the country to help them match patients with the right providers, at the right time, through a suite of cloud-based provider search and scheduling solutions.

Funded by top-tier venture firms (e.g., Venrock, Highland, Leerink, New Leaf), Kyruus is growing rapidly. The company doubled its revenue in 2017 and its platform now includes more than 225,000 providers across over 450+ hospitals in the US. The Kyruus team includes driven and talented individuals who are passionate about removing barriers to patient access and making a difference in healthcare.

Kyruuvians are guided by the following tenets:

Our Vision: Enable human beings to care for other human beings

Our Mission: Enable healthcare delivery organizations to optimize their provider networks by embracing and leveraging heterogeneity

For more information about working at Kyruus check out our careers page

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