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Senior Backend Engineer
Boston, MA, United States

Job Title

Senior Backend Engineer

Job Description

At Marlo, we are building software tools to bring meetings into the 21st century. From our Net Meeting Score algorithm to diagnose unproductive meetings to new third-party integrations for data collection, we are shipping exciting new features to our customers every week. We are looking for a backend developer to join us in our quest to make meetings the best they've ever been.

What You'll Do
  • Work directly with the CTO on building new features for our many microservices
  • Develop new endpoints and backend functionality for our web applications
  • Build for reliability and uptime as we quickly scale our product to thousands of users
  • Have the opportunity to work on infrastructure, DevOps, and/or data pipelining if interested


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


About You
  • You love learning. You enjoy experimenting with new technology, including areas with which you might not have experience with yet.
  • You have experience in Python web development. Our entire stack is Python-based (Django and Flask) and we want to make sure you can hit the ground running.
  • You feel comfortable working as a full-time contributor and can be successful with significant autonomy.
  • You want to rid the world of meetings that suck.

About the Company

Why Marlo? As Marlo originated out of the MS/MBA program at Harvard, the team has a solid technical base on top of significant business talent. We will always be an innovation-focused organization and will continue to build the best software tools to quantify and improve the meeting space. If you're interested in joining a fast-growing startup that will change the way people view meetings, Marlo is the place for you!

Apply on AngelList at or email us directly!

Contact Info

Previous SIPS Programmer (Official Title: Instrumentation Technologist), Space Science and Engineering Center in Madison, Wisconsin, USA Next Backend Software Engineer (Python), Itechscope in Athens, Greece