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SIPS Programmer (Official Title: Instrumentation Technologist)
Space Science and Engineering Center
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Job Title

SIPS Programmer (Official Title: Instrumentation Technologist)

Job Description

Principal duties:

This position will involve working on a small team of developers building and maintaining the SIPS software infrastructure.

Projects will include:

35% Services supporting operational ingest, cluster-based processing, and delivery of large satellite data sets 35% Tool development for automation and streamlining of processes required to support project scientists 15% Web applications facilitating data access by external collaborators and for internal systems monitoring 15% Supporting SIPS Science Team members to facilitate delivery, testing, and integration of science algorithms

This position requires someone self-motivated, pragmatic, and able to achieve team objectives in an often self-directed academic environment. The candidate must have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to work creatively and independently with a variety of platforms, people, and duties.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please



  • Experience developing and maintaining software systems in Python
  • Familiarity with the Linux programming environment, including knowledge of operating system concepts and command-line / scripting proficiency
  • SQL database programming experience with a DBMS, preferably PostgreSQL
  • A solid foundation in software engineering practices including use of version control (git), software testing, and creation and maintenance of developer documentation and user manuals
  • Scientific programming and data visualization experience using tools like the Python / NumPy / Matplotlib ecosystem or alternatives like R or MATLAB


  • A background in cluster computing using batch systems like HTCondor and distributed file systems like Ceph
  • Experience with message-oriented systems built with RabbitMQ or similar technologies
  • Front- and back- end web application development skills including client-side programming in Javascript

About the Company

The Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) is a research and development center with an international reputation for developing and supporting instrumentation for both terrestrial and space flight applications. SSEC's mission includes the support of faculty and academic staff led research, development, fabrication and implementation of space flight experiments, as well as the development of new meteorological research tools for national and international use.

The successful candidate will work with a team using a high-performance data ingest, archive, and processing system as part of the NASA Science Investigator-Led Processing System (SIPS) for the Atmosphere discipline of the Suomi NPP Science Team. The Atmosphere SIPS at SSEC is responsible for ingesting, storing, processing, and delivering data products from the VIIRS sensor onboard the Suomi NPP and NOAA-20 environmental satellites in earth orbit. The computer systems supporting this effort currently include more than 1500 CPU cores for data processing configured as a high-throughput computing system; more than 2 Petabytes of storage in a cluster file system; high performance networking; and a job management system controlled by a relational database. The Atmosphere SIPS currently ingests more than 2 Terabytes of data per day from NASA and other sources, and runs a variety of algorithms on the data to create geophysical products.

To find out more about SSEC please visit:

Contact Info

Previous Junior developer working with rugby data and sports analytics, Ellipse/CricViz in London, United Kingdom Next Senior Backend Engineer, Marlo in Boston, MA, United States