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Full Stack Developer (Python/Django)
HCI Consulting Inc.
Kitchener / Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Job Title

Full Stack Developer (Python/Django)

Job Description

Lead Developer of Python/Django web app that analyses company payroll, evaluates Job and using a complex algorithm (yours to develop) creates Female/Male job comparisons based on Ontario Government Legislation. You will be expected to take ownership of all aspects of development, from managing the hosting, back-end, front-end, third party applications, testing and security. You will have significant autonomy and drive the technical solutions to meet the requirements of the Product. You will be leading the charge, taking version 2.0 to market (and continuing to develop) as well as maintaining the current in-market web app with over 50 clients, including General Motors, Nordstrom and City of Waterloo.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


*University Computer Science or related Degree ­*Experience developing web apps and specifically SaaS products ­ *High level of expertise with Python ­ *Understanding and experience with Django ­ *Database proficiency - PostgreSQL ­ *Intermediate design skills – CSS3, HTML5, UI Frameworks (Bootstrap) ­*Very comfortable and proficient in sharing and brainstorming technical solutions with non-*development lead (but some technical experience) ­ *Nice to have, experience with hosting on Digital Ocean and Git Lab ­Ability to work independently

About the Company

Human Capital Investment Consulting Inc. (“HCI”) is a leading human resources consulting firm specializing in compensation with a specific focus on pay equity. Established in 2010, HCI continues to evolve and develop our services which includes an advanced cloud-based Compensation and Pay Equity Web Application (your focus).

Pay equity is the legislated requirement in Ontario for all companies over 10 employees. Pay equity ensures that all female jobs are paid at least equivalent to a male job through detailed job evaluations and compensation analysis. HCI specializes in the area of pay equity compliance and has represented small to large multinational Canadian and US clients in both public and private sectors on a wide range of pay equity related issues.

Contact Info

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