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Python Engineer
London, United Kingdom

Job Title

Python Engineer

Job Description

Bulb are building a completely Greenfield system for a set of core services responsible for things like Billing, Metering and Account Management which is currently outsourced and this is just the beginning.

It’s the software at the very heart of Bulb’s business and absolutely vital to both their day-to-day operations and its future ambitions.


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


They are looking for strong experience in Python as they are using 3.5>. Node and GO are a mix of technologies at Bulb and they have a mindset of picking the best tool for the job. Ideally you will also have Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes expertise. A strong track record of delivery of mission critical software at a first-class firm.

Be a strong advocate for software engineering best practice, taking pleasure from clean code, you have a predilection for TDD, and you’re a fan of pairing. Have strong design skills, can conduct design reviews and be familiar with Cloud Patterns and the Microservices architectural style.

About the Company

Bulb is a start up energy company called doing impressive things in their realm and listed in the top 20 of LinkedIn start ups. While there are many energy companies out there, their electric offering is 100% renewable and their gas currently 20% and growing.

They are based in Shoreditch but the role is also available to remote workers.

Contact Info

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