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Technical Product Lead
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Job Title

Technical Product Lead

Job Description

Scope of Work:

  • Interacting with key clients stakeholders for requirements gathering, project delivery, and software support
  • Understanding complex business logic and how it can be adapted and integrated into the product
  • Lead project teams on delivery of specifications in a dynamic environment.
  • Implementing and maintaining server side code for web apps and APIs in Python.
  • Assist or lead in the design and implementation of scaleable solutions


  • No telecommuting
  • Agencies are OK



  • The successful applicant will have a tertiary qualification and three or more years experience in commercial software development.

Development Skills:

  • Good understanding of Python and its libraries, e.g. Web App Frameworks and REST principles (Pyramid), ORM libraries (SQLAlchemy), Unit testing framework (Pytest and Factoryboy) and Task queue libraries (Celery and RabbitMQ).
  • Database design and debugging (uses PostgreSQL)
  • Experience writing performance intensive Python code
  • Using docker and docker-compose

Personal Skills:

  • Ability to deeply understand complex business rules and scenarios
  • Good organisational and time management practices
  • Upkeep client communication and expectation management for features
  • Able to lead a small development team using agile business practices

About the Company

Biarri Optimisation is an innovative Commercial Mathematics company that delivers powerful, easy to use decision support and optimisation-powered web applications that help businesses become more efficient. We have a great set of clients working on cutting edge projects and we are looking for you to help lead one of our best products.

Biarri is an equal opportunity employer, so by coming to work for us, you’ll be part of an organisation that encourages diversity, supports charities and fosters everyone’s growth. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, and people of all backgrounds to apply.

Contact Info

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