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Software Engineer
London, London, United Kingdom

Job Title

Software Engineer

Job Description

So, what will you be working on?:

Helping to improve our build processes to make deployment and iteration easier and faster by adding to our backend and services side, building primarily with Python & Django, as well as some JavaScript.

We are fully AWS hosted, using a range of tools and setups around this: ECS, Docker, CircleCI

Collaborating with product managers and designers to build new consumer features

Finding elegant solutions to hard technical problems relating to client-side (JavaScript), within our custom built stack

Writing both unit and integration tests - we love testing.

Building and maintaining internal tools and dashboards, which range from simple server-rendered pages to client-side applications built using React


  • No telecommuting
  • No Agencies Please


Things that matter to us…

Python: (probably about 80-90% of your day to day!!) - a lot of our service dependencies are written in Python and we're big fans of Django as well!

Mobile first - is a responsive site and the mobile web experience is hugely important to us both in terms of functionality and performance

Progressive enhancement - not because we expect people to disable JS but because we believe this makes you build a better product. Speaking of…

Javascript - we favour Vanilla JS over a compile-to-JS solution as with ES6 we feel we get all the language level features we need

Tooling - we’re currently using Babel, Webpack, ESLint, Mocha, and a whole load more… we’re always evaluating what we use to improve our work

Build your own profile and skills. Lyst is a company that will encourage and support you to get involved in the wider community. Events like FOSDEM, JS Conf, LNUG are regular occurrences on our calendar.

About the Company

Lyst is a Global Fashion Search Platform which connects millions of shoppers globally with the world’s leading fashion designers and stores, giving them a simpler, more engaging buying experience. We work in small, self-managing, autonomous teams with end-to-end responsibility for a specific customer-focused project. This structure brings together Lysters from all the disciplines that are needed to deliver the squad’s goals. We reward these squads for the Impact they make and value the innovative approaches that autonomy and alignment can bring. We hire great people and get out of their way.

Our team of engineers and data scientists are pushing the boundaries of how data and technology are used in the fashion commerce space. We’re developing an environment and culture that is all about writing great software, using the best tools in the best possible manner.

As one of our Backend Engineers, you’ll ensure the platform not only continues to exceed user expectations, but help push releases of both evolving and new features we have in the works, while all the time helping improve on functionality. You will work in a product-led cross-discipline team and your opinion matters; from helping choose the best tools and frameworks for the job to working alongside design and product on new features. We're looking for a number of engineers, ranging from Junior to Senior Level.

Contact Info

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