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Python Integration Engineer
Blockit, Inc.
Dallas, TX, USA

Job Title

Python Integration Engineer

Job Description

You'll build automation integrations into a wide range of medical software for our greenfield platform. You'll have a major impact on the direction of the product’s integration strategy. You’ll be part of an experienced start-up engineering team.

We're looking for an Automation Engineer that isn't afraid to get their hands dirty. This role involves building connectors into 3rd party systems. Each integration is unique challenge and requires creativity and out-of-the box thinking.

You Will

  • Build connectors/integrations into 3rd party medical systems
  • Build data parsers for our data ingestion engine
  • Help design the architecture for our integration and ingestion engine

Our Tech Stack

  • Microservices built in Elixir, connected using GraphQL and GRPC.
  • React/Redux on the frontend (not even a single line jQuery, phew!)
  • Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Redis, Postgres, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ
  • Github and TravisCI for Development/CD.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • Agencies are OK


Our Ideal Candidate

  • Has experience with UI Automation (i.e, Selenium, UIPath, or AutoIT)
  • Isn't afraid to drop down to Wireshark or GDB to figure out how something works
  • Has worked with healthcare technology before (HL7, FHIR, etc.)
  • Experience in Python
  • Knowledge of (but not necessarily an expert in) writing Elixir
  • Has experience consuming REST or GraphQL APIs
  • Knowledge and experience of agile software development methods
  • You are passionate about the quality of your code

About the Company

Dozens of companies have built a multi-billion dollar market centered on providing medical record databases for health systems and physician practices. An unfortunate side-effect of that maturing marketplace is that provider communication and patient care have been restricted by a provider’s inability to see, communicate and track their patients across largely isolated and unintegrated EMR systems.

We started Blockit with a vision and the conviction that the answer to high-cost communication and onerous administration in healthcare is to connect the systems, create transparency and empower a patient-centric communication platform that allows intuitive, real-time access for provider and patient. That vision fueled our mission... To remove the scheduling barriers to effective patient care.

Contact Info

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